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Main Topic: Wang Ping Tasty Steak Market Segmentation

Hosts: James Stanworth , Clyde Warden

Tasty is the third steakrestaurant in the Wang Ping line up. Aimed at consumers who want thesteak experience but at a lower price, Tasty clearly emphasizes moregroup outings. Taking the office staff out, or maybe taking the familyout, Tasty is a great example of how once the logistics are worked out,a firm can expand into other segments. This show, Clyde and James eatout at Tasty restaurant.

Tasty Survey Form
Tasty Survey Form

Tasty has a strong color scheme and consistent design, just as its sister restaurants do, but you will not find the elegance of Wang Ping Steak, nor will you find a theme like Tao Ban Wu. Tasty is clearly aimed at another market. What is most interesting is that the Tasty market segment may actually complement and reinforce the other restaurants. Tasty can be the place younger people get exposed to the steak experience. They can visit with classmates or with family. Later, they go on a date to Tao Ban Wu, and finally, Wang Ping after they have a steady job. This is not the only market logic though. As both Clyde and James have experienced, Wang Ping is for special occasions, but if you need a quick lunch or dinner, with good service, Tasty is a great way to go.

Filling in adjacent market segments this way is not only an expansion strategy, it can also act to block competition. Wang Ping has blocked the lower end, and also blocked off the special theme experience. This makes market entry by competitors increasingly difficult.

Most striking about the Tasty experience is how the menu system, service, and presentation is very consistent with the other two restaurants. Clearly, there is a lot of knowledge transfer going on here and economy of scale.

It is very unusual to have a strong emphasis on service and emphasis on development of staff to stay.

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From Taichung, Clyde and James.
Length: 27 minutes.

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Consumer Cam ConsumerCam:

Vid. 1) Taking the order is actually a fun experience, since the menu is almost like a mix and match puzzle.
Vid. 2) When the steak comes, the waitress showed us how to cut it and apply the sauce.
Vid. 3) The floor manager wonders about on the look out to help customers with such things as cutting their steak.
Vid. 4) Groups are clearly a target segment for Tasty, as large table can be combined in open spaces.
Vid. 5) The kitchen is open for anyone to look in.
Vid. 6) A family celebrating a birthday at Tasty.
Vid. 7) A branch vice manager called to follow up on comments we left on the feedback card.

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Bottom Line:

  • Tasty developed out of Wang Ping's high end success saturating the market.
  • The core food and service are retained, but at lower prices.
  • Tasty was busy, even during economic downturns, and their revenues are up.
  • Much less emphasis is placed on couples or small group space.
  • Ordering system is similar to Wang Ping and Tao Ban Wu--standardized choices.
  • Service is emphasized, including helping customers understand how done a steak is and even how to cut your steak.
  • An emphasis on job development, education, and opportunities, the HRM model is motivating.
  • Cutting meat is both a service touch and an education.
  • There is more of a eating house feel to this brand.
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