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Main Topic: Spring Festival Retailing

Hosts: Stephen Huang , James Stanworth , Clyde Warden

Just a few days before Lunar New Year a street in downtown Taichung (Yi Chung Jie) began the heat up with a classic case of Chinese renao. Set aside as the official Spring Festival celebration location by the City government, the street normally packed with retailing, was stuffed further by opening a night market and blocking off traffic. Spring Festival is all about family, and this means it turns out to be much less exciting than what one expects. But, Lunar New Year is also one of the few times during the year when everyone really relaxes, and the classic way to relax in Chinese culture is to go out to the night market. TAM hits Yi Chung Jie to look at the retailing scene. What we found was a packed scene with marketing in every centimeter, friendly people, lots of noises, and lots of free samples!

We shot a lot more video at Yi Chung Jie but had some technical difficulties with the video tape (No more Sony tape--moving to JVC). We recovered enough to get some video and the photos below.

Watch The Show:

The core of the night market is food and the surrounding Renao (熱鬧) atmosphere.

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Length: 6 minutes. Download MP3 2.7MB (Right click->Save As).

Location ShootWatch The Show (Video & Audio):

Just three days before Lunar New Year, we visited Yi Chung Jie, the official location for Taichung City Spring Festival celebration.
Length: 6 minutes.
High Quality mp4 H.264(640x480) Download high quality mp4 44.93MB (Right click->Save As).


Example from the Japanese cartoon Chibi Maruko-chan (this is from the Cantonese localization for Hong Kong) (note the retail environment is similar to some of the shops at Yi Chung Jie in the photos).

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Bottom Line:

  • Each vendor has their own servicecape and specialty.
  • The food vendors offer unique flavors and packaging, this is not seen in China.
  • Each stand has their own unique design to attract the crowd.
  • The vendor offer friendly service and are knowledgeable about the product.
  • Some of the vendors will hold up signs and interact with the crowd to gain attention.
  • The atmosphere of Renao(熱鬧) is greatly promoted at the night market.
  • A soft sell strategy is offered by most vendors, the consumers feel no pressure as they walk by.
  • Loud speakers are used by some vendors to create attention and Renao (熱鬧).
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