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Main Topic: Finishing a Research Thread on Restaurant Service Failure Recovery

Hosts: James Stanworth, Clyde Warden

Best Failure Recoveries In this follow up to Show 57 and Show 58, where we looked at choosing a research topic, how to implement CIT, and service failures across cultural settings. This series of shows have emphasized how to get your research project moving forward and then to publishing. This episode wraps that up with the third paper published from this research thread. Once again, James and Clyde are live at National Cheng Kung University in Tainan Taiwan, in front of an IMBA class of graduate students.

This show is the third in a three part series centering on three research projects examining restaurant service in the Chinese cultural context. In Show 57 Clyde and James introduce the projects with an emphasis on how researchers and students can move from research ideas to publication. In In Show 58, Clyde and James cover intercultural service failure perceptions, and how that work was published in a top ranked research journal.

How much to spend on service failure recoveries is a vital service question. In the extension of our restaurant service research, we look at how service failures differ. That difference determines the best recovery approach. Good methodology, solid sample, clear statistical results, and an easy to understand resulting recommendation all add up to a research paper that was hard to publish. Listen to the show to find out why--it way at be what you expect.

Extending a research thread saves a lot of time as you build on the existing literature you are already familiar with. This approach leverages the investment of time to generate what usually turns out to be better quality work the second and third time around. Video resolution is a bit low to shorten download times. To see the slides clearly, use the link below to download the PPT file. Download: Presentation Slides from this presentation. Download: Published Paper from this research project.

That's the end of the story after seven years.

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From NCKU in Tainan, Taiwan, Clyde and James.
Length: 35 minutes.
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Bottom Line:

  • The whole research thread took seven years.
  • This last stage develops survey questions from the results of the previous study--converting them into an online survey design.
  • With pre-existing groups, confirmatory.
  • Process-based service failures require compensation.
  • Outcome-based service failures require assistance.

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