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Chinese Consumer Connection depends on many people and numerous resources to perform local marketing research and then get it out in publications and on this site. The National Science Council (of Taiwan), our respective universities, and QBook International all support these efforts. Most important of all are our colleagues, whom we draw on constantly for input, and our research assistants and students, who do so much of the footwork.

Clyde is the program director of the Institute for Retail Studies in Singapore at the University of Stirling and a professor of marketing at National Chung Hsing University in Taichung, Taiwan. Clyde spends his time in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.

Prof. Warden's area of expertise is in localized Chinese cultural influences on consumer behavior. Fluency in Chinese and over 20 years of local experience have allowed him to develop a number of marketing insights that emphasize local psychology (receiving millions of dollars in research funding). His research has been published in journals such as the Journal of Retailing , Journal of Advertising Research, International Journal of Service Industries Management , TESOL Q ., and many others. Clyde moves easily between quantitative (expertise in conjoint analysis used to analyze consumer preferences for marketing mix components) and qualitative analysis (grounded theory with heavy use of ethnographic data as well as deep psychological interviews such as ZMET).

Dr. Stanworth Photo

James Stanworth, Ph.D.


James has ten years experience of consulting, teaching, training and research in service related businesses.  His PhD work centered on techniques for service design in Professional Service Firms and tested positive with such firms as PriceWaterhouseCoopers (business assurance).  Subsequently, with a partner, he acted was a consultant to Anglian Water Services and facilitated their transition to a service company and they were subsequently ranked as no. 1 for service in industry.  James worked with the UK police as an internal consultant, was credited with bringing service high on the agenda and the award of ₤250k for retail police partnership initiatives.  Other projects included working with National Air Traffic Services on their support services and with NCR on service quality issues with their partners.  After moving to Taiwan in 2004 James teaches at National Changhua University of Education (NCUE) and is adjunct Professor at National Cheng Kung University in Tainan.  His teaching, research and training focuses on localization of service for Chinese customers.  He has been developing business applicable solutions for firms operating in Chinese culture and some of his work has been presented at international conferences.

Jane Lu Hsu, Ph.D.Jane Lu Hsu

Jane is professor of marketing at National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan.  She received her Ph.D. in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University in 1996.  Her research interests include consumer studies, information marketing, and agribusiness management.  Jane’s research seeks to understand special aspects of the retail markets from consumers’ views and to reveal how information can be effectively disseminated in the market.

She has extensive experiences in handling large-scale surveys and statistical analyses.  Field work has been done in Greater China in the past several years to experience and examine opportunities in the regional markets for Asian agribusinesses.  Her research has been published in journals like Agribusiness, Food Quality and Preference, Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, Social Behavior and Personality, Journal of Business Ethics, and Chinese Management Studies.  Jane has been selected as the Fulbright New Century Scholar 2009-2010.

Stephen is an associate professor of marketing at  Taiwan's National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, in Kaohsiung, south Taiwan.  A native of Taiwan, Stephen earned his BS and MBA degree from National Cheng-Chi University, in Taipei, and his Ph.D from National Cheng-Kung University in Tainan. He worked for Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER), on research projects focusing on mainland China's industry and policy and for an advertising agency as a marketing planner for local firms and multinational companies. His research interest focuses on services/relationship marketing, services innovation, and cross-cultural marketing.

Judy has been teaching business related courses in Taiwan for over a decade. Prof. Chen worked in the US for seven years in the medical/pharmaceutical sector. She is currently teaching at the Overseas Chinese University.  Professor Chen has been the chair of the Business Administration Department as well as the Applied Foreign Languages Department and has published a number of research papers in international journals, including the journal TESOL Quarterly, where she is also a member of the editorial advisory board.  Her main academic interests include psychology of motivation, English for specific purposes, and computer assisted learning in business. Judy contributes to TAM mostly behind the scenes as a consultant on numerous local issues involving culture and language.

Antony ChenAntony Chen

Our man in Shanghai gives us the lowdown on what is happening in mainstream retailing. Not the posh department stores of downtown, but not the outback either. It is the in between zone that points to the future of retailing in China. Antony is a student at National Jiao Tung University, where he studies electrical engineering.

Anastasia WardenAnastasia Chen

Anastasia is part of the technical crew and gives numerous inspirations and inputs to the project. She is currently studying chemistry at Texas Tech Honors College. Her educational goal is to complete her MBA after the Doctor of Pharmacy program. Anastasia has great interests in pharmaceutical retailing.

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