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Main Topic: Wang Ping Steak High Class Steak Capturing a Segment

Hosts: James Stanworth , Clyde Warden

Welcome to Wang Ping! There is a pleasure in good dining. Good food and smooth service combine to relax and create a feeling of well being. All the service contacts--from reservation through to paying the check and getting the taxi--combine with food to make a special experience. Wang Ping pushes to capitalize on this. They invest in customer service that has become part of their culture. There are successful and this had brought national awards from groups including, Accenture.  They have expanded into China and continue to consider other markets. In total they have nine brands to serve these markets. Our next set of shows focuses on Wang Ping and three of these brands: Wang Ping Steak, Tasty and Tao Ban Wu.

Wang Ping Menu
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Steve Day, chairman of Wang Ping started his entrepreneurial  career with a theme park.  It's collapse had a silver lining: he could find a niche that matched business with his passion for elegance and harmony. Dining out with two classmates they were all commented on how good the steak was.  Steve returned a few days later to try and tempt the chef to join a business that was still very much in the planning stage.  The chef refused and Steve with his classmates set about replicating the taste of the steak and turning it into a restaurant. They quickly invested in development of seven locations in Taipei and Taichung.  "It just didn’t have the feeling of the service I wanted," Steve commented later.  Recruiting a human resource specialist changed this and began their transformation to a restaurant chain that is as much about the service as it is about the food.  When we meet Mr. Day he had just returned from a hiking trip in the inner mountains.  Despite a supposed vacation he opened his backpack and pulled out customer satisfaction, complaints and profits reports for all restaurants. It is this kind of fanatical focus on customers, service and performance that drives the group forward.

Their approach is fairly structured.  Service is well scripted so staff are clear about what they should do and in what order.  However it retains the passion needed for distinctive service.  If a customer looks unhappy a team supervisor, or just as likely, the manager will appear and solve the problem. Their listening to customers extends out of the door too.  If a customer leaves a negative comment on the feedback card they can expect follow up.  One customer on the island of Penghu found the manager of the Taipei restaurant on his door step to apologize for the cold soup.

They successfully serves a high end niche of either business or individual customers. For the Western mind the approach can seem a little structured.  However, this is  a company that cleverly pushes just ahead of the customer expectation curve. The menu has expanded over time.  The service is consistent, friendly and helpful and comfortably beats the competition.  It fits and thrives on its local setting.

The approach reflects a very Chinese setting... If you gave them the full on Western approach they would be lost...

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From Taichung, James, and Clyde.
Length: 18 minutes.

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Bottom Line:

  • Service is well structured compared to most competitors.
  • Reservations are used, which is unusual.
  • Strong service emphasis is clear from first contact to departure.
  • In the PRC decoration tends to be more glitzy!
  • Options are limited but interesting.
  • Everything is ordered up front in normal Chinese style.
  • Service flow guides customers who are unfamiliar with Western style dining.
  • Servicescape creates creates a feeling of privacy for groups.
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