The Camera
We use consumerCam videos in most of our shows, and this may leave you wondering, what is this shaky, off-kilter, out of focus thing? Well, the simple answer is, it is how we get a close-up view of what consumers are doing. Technically though, it is a video camera.

ConsumerCam is actually a Samsung X210L MPEG4 sports camcorder. The lens is connected to body by a long wire. The unit comes with a headband to put the lens on your head while scateboarding, or whatever. The camera quality is not very good, and the machine has its flaws, but for shooting video while shopping, and not attracting any special attention, well it is perfect.

ConsumerCam in Bag
On/Off Switch

To use the camera, we just put it all in the nice bag it came with, get the on/off switch on top, for easy access, and the lens on the outside. The black color blends in well with the black bag.

The only problem is getting the lens to frame up the shot, since the person using the camera can't see anything without taking the whole camera out, opening the screen and checking.

Using ConsumerCam
Using the camera

Here is a pretty bad review of the camera, all of which we have found to be true, but still, it works for what we need.


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