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International Summer School at the Taiwan Comprehensive University System
Experience in Asia, learn Mandarin, and earn course credit this summer, all at low cost and with a convenient schedule. We have organized a summer school program emphasizing the High Technology and High Tradition of Taiwan.
  1. Study 67 courses in English
  2. Earn course credits
  3. Learn Chinese
  4. Explore four universities in four cities
Visit our Website   Download the brochure   See an overview of programs    Explore each campus    Register here    Find answers here (FAQ)

Detailed Research

ROC Chinese Management Award

Many shows include a research suplement that explains how research was done, what the findings were, and what you need to watch out for when trying to do similar work. PowerPoints, PDF reports, and of course more photos and videos come with these research shows.

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Did you know there is a menu called RESEARCH? More video, audio shows, downloads, research papers, and much more! But you can't see it unless you register. Creating an account costs nothing and you gain access to detailed marketing reports from our marketing experts, including survey data and results, more detailed observations, videos, field notes, photos, and more.

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Important Cultural Issues

Chinese Lanterns While you may assume the world is flat because you can see brands you know, the fact is those brands are reinterpreted within the local cultural context; if you get the signals wrong, your business will suffer. TAM centers on understanding what those local Chinese values are that make a huge difference in consumers' assumptions.

Street Level Marketing

imageYou know how important it is to be in touch with consumers at the street level, but are you at that level in Asia? CCC has decades of experience in the Chinese context and we are in touch with what turns heads and gets consumers in Asia to buy your products.


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