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Main Topic: A. Parasuraman

Hosts: Stephen Huang , James Stanworth , Clyde Warden

A. Parasuraman
A. Parasuraman
Professor Parasuraman is the holder of the James W. McLamore Chair inMarketing and the Vice Dean of faculty in the business school at theUniversity of Miami.  His expertise and research is focused on managingservice quality and the role of technology in service.

In the early 1980s companies increasingly sought differentiation through customer service. However for the previous three decades, or so, management research and executives had focused on product quality. With growing acceptance that managing services required different approaches and theoretical basis Professor Parasuraman asked a simple question, "What is service quality?" This led to more than two decades of programmatic research. The answer centered on the gap between customer expectations and perceptions of service which was explained through theory and practical measurement tools (including the famous "SERVQUAL" instrument). This body of research has been subject to exhaustive research critque however it has enduring value to executives and researchers.  Professor Parasuraman's more recent work on technology on service has already won industry and academic awards continuing his tradition of ground breaking work.

In this show we discuss the enduring appeal of Professor Parasurman's work on service quality, views on internationalization of service and a future increasingly focused on technology based services.

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In Taipei (from left), James, A. Parasuraman, Clyde and Stephen.
Length: 45 minutes.

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  • "€œPart of the reason of its [SERVQUAL] commercial success is its simplicity; it makes common sense"€
  • "[SERVQUAL]"... is based on very rigorous research... it didn'€™t just drop out of thin air"€ 
  • "Really impactive research has to start with what is important to practitioners"
  • "Your research needs to be programmatic... It de-motivates you because you are doing it piecemeal"
  • "As an editor I can see that people that have a programmatic stream have an easier time to get their work published"
  • "I think technology is going to play an increasing role in the delivery of service. What is the optimal mix of high tech versus high touch is going to continue to be an issue from a practical perspective."

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