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Main Topic: Fresh Food Shopping Behaviors

Hosts: Clyde Warden , James Stanworth

The importance of freshness in Chinese cooking was covered in Show 13(Are You Chicken) . In thatshow we looked at poultry channels, and how Chinese consumers switchchannels depending on a number of social factors. In this show, ourSingapore crew are out to the morning fish market. While most of thebuyers there are retailers, there are also no small number ofindividual buyers getting supplies for cooking at home .

Our crew captured a family shopping in the market. This amazing footage shows how the different responsibilities of the exchange fall on different family members. Children, with their parents, are building up internal values that will come back to them when they do their own cooking, twenty or thirty years later.

Listen To The Show (Audio Only):

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On Location

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From Singapore.
Length: 17 minutes.

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