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Main Topic: Singapore Wet Market

Hosts: Clyde Warden , James Stanworth

Here is the second episode in our Singapore series. This video team is out to the wet market, which compliments our Taiwan and Shanghai wet market shows. These wet markets are very busy on weekend mornings and fairly busy during the week. Their equivalent in Taiwan is the morning market. Like in Taiwan, these markets offer lots of daily needs in addition to the core fresh food product.

In Singapore, these fresh markets are located with easy walking distance of housing blocks. The most famous wet market is located in China Town. Our crew went out to the less famous wet markets, the ones most normal Singaporean Chinese are using daily. Like the Shanghai wet markets, these tend to be purposely built, with tile floors and fixed drainage. They have a planned feeling to them that most Taiwan markets lack. Fixed shops are often opened around the wet market, and there often are small corner-type supermarkets near by, like Shop N Save, which have their own fresh produce, including the integrated butcher as we observed in Hong Kong. Not sure what the deal with the carrot is.

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On Location

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From Singapore.
Length: 15 minutes.

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