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Main Topic: A Walk Through ShiLin Night Market

Hosts: Stephen Huang , James Stanworth , Clyde Warden

Night Market
Night Markets Attract Passersby
Clyde, Stephen, James and the crew are out for a night of fun. How do you have fun at night in Taiwan? Head to the night market!

Night markets in Chinese culture date back to the Tang Dynasty, and are archetypes of Chinese retailing. These markets include many core Chinese values, such as an emphasis on food, bargaining (what Stephen calls "Dynamic Pricing," noises, inside out retailing, and crowds, crowds, crowds. Western retailers often miss the huge revenue produced at these locations, dismissing them as old fashioned. The risk with that approach is that these markets where many Chinese consumers have learned values they carry with them to other locations, and successful retailers often use metaphors that link back to these night markets. In this show, our TAM team walk you through the ShiLin night market, pointing out some of these attributes.

Big night markets, like ShiLin and Feng Chia are fixed and opened every night, but most night markets are open only a couple nights a week, with the retailers moving from one location to the next.

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On Location

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In the Taipei ShiLin night market, Clyde, Stephen, and James.
Length: 15 minutes.

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Bottom Line:

  • ShiLin is a tourist destination for visitors from all over Taiwan.
  • Stores line the street, and inside out retailing pushes products out into the street.
  • Stores mimic department store displays, but emphasize special prices.
  • Weekday nights are very busy and weekends are packed!
  • Prices are "dynamic" if you have some skill.
  • The road is often blocked by vendors with mobile stands--increasing the feeling of crowds.
  • Food is a key ingredient to night markets.
  • Western retailers find it difficult to adopt the renao values common in the night market.
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