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Main Topic: Kueh--Traditional Food in Singapore

Hosts: Jane Lu, Clyde Warden

kueh used in bai bai
Kueh used in bai bai
In Singapore for another episodes. This time we are focusing on a traditional Chinese food--kueh. Jane and Clyde look at kueh in Singapore, which is very similar to the breakfast food thorugh Greater China. Most interesting in this video is the shop. A well known rule of thumb for eating in China is that the better (more clean, organized, and in a way Western) a shop is, the worst the food will be.

Kueh is one of the traditional foods that play important roles in religous ceremonies--ansestor worship. This places the food at the center of family activities aftecting consumers from a young age. When they grow up, those consumers are strongly attracted to the food as it represents family values.

This is a must be for this bai bai stuff--you MUST have it.

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On Location

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From Singapore.
Length: 21 minutes.

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