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Main Topic: Singapore Fish Therapy

Hosts: James Stanworth , Clyde Warden

Once again, we sent out crews of marketing students to find examples of localized consumer behavior. This episode finds a service related to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) but also fitting into the spa fad. Spa fish therapy combines the relaxing service of a spa with fish therapy, where fish nibble at your skin. The idea is to clean off dead skin and contaminants. There is also a belief that skin problems can be cured, or at least temporarily relieved.

In the video, two somewhat different marketing directions are emphasized. One is a more minimal approach, where the treatment is viewed more as a medical threatment--get in and get out. Individuals could drop in. The other approach is much more a group activity, with large ponds for group discussions, fun areas for kids, and lots of open space for relaxing. Both locations emphasize nostalgia and nature.

Unfortunately, Kampong Fish Therapy closed during the economic down turn.

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On Location

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From Singapore.
Length: 17 minutes.

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