Main Topic: King of Consumption

Hosts: James Stanworth , Clyde Warden

James & Clyde podcasting in Hong KongJames and Clyde are in Hong Kong to attend some meetings, give a talk, make some observations, and collect some data. While this is the most accessable city in Greater China, our TAM team is out looking for the local influence that points toward the values of local consumers in a hybrid market.

Hong Kong developed its retail sector well before Taiwan and China . Visitors can easily assume there is little difference between Western retailing and HK retailing. A closer look shows Western and Eastern formats tend to be separated, with locals often consuming in more traditional formats. Some unique hybrid formats have developed that TAM finds very interesting, such as placing wet market stalls in supermarkets. These innovations are mostly taken advantage of by local Chinese. So the point is, do not assume what modernity is. Rather than just a Western perfect form, Chinese retailing is developing while retaining important aspects of local culture.

It's not that easy to get around using only English. Mandarin Chinese is the second language.

The Show:

Length: 17 minutes. Download MP3 7.95MB (Right click->Save As).


Consumer Cam ConsumerCam:

Vid. 1) Signs of religion, closely linked with business, are all around Hong Kong.
Vid. 2) A popular local restaurant packed, hot and noisy--in other words, very renao. These very Chinese retail settings are all over, but not mixed with the imported Western formats. Great food.
Vid. 3) Retailers like Taste (an up scale PARNnSHOP 百佳) combine the traditional formats with the modern. Here symbols and designs are borrowed from the Chinese wet market, while an upscale servicescape is also presented. Numerous employees offer that wet market feeling of relationship.
Vid. 4) The worst service--obtaining a China visa. Two days of standing in line.

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Bottom Line:

  • Hong Kong is very international.
  • The second language is Mandarin Chinese or English?
  • There is still a lot of the local retailing around.
  • Westernized retail servicescapes are all around.
  • In some locations, the small shops still dominate.
  • Religion, as in Taiwan, still dominates business activities.
  • Hong Kong influences Taiwan in areas such as numerology.
  • Everyone is trying to get rich, and conspicious consumption is very much in!
  • Very small areas contain very different retailing formats.
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