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Main Topic: Conspicuous Consumption at the Mall

Hosts: James Stanworth , Stephen Huang , Clyde Warden

Tiger City Logo
Tiger City's Logo
American shopping malls have spread aroundthe world, but in Asia, the Japanesedepartment store model is dominant. Malls have succeeded in attracting a youngmarket segment, but have been unable to dislodge the night markets as the preferredlocation for spending money. Rather than buying many things, the tweens comingto the mall are often on dates, going to a movie, or traveling with classmatesand showing off some sophistication. Mall owners appear to lack a clear positioningstrategy, which makes the locations dependent on promotional events and movieblockbusters.

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Fun at the Photo Booths
Tiger City is one of numerous attempts (Dream mall is the biggest on Taiwan ) to import the Western mall model. These formats have not taken off, but they do attract a strong number of young people. Conspicuous consumption is paramount as groups of young people shop and buy products that are all a bit expensive. Working House is a perfect example of the upscale look these malls would like to have, with a large amount of New Age visuals and Ikea aesthetic (Click here for a Working House DM ). 

The mall is a great contrast with the night market—another place young consumers often visit. Clyde, Stephen, and James visit Tiger City in this show and cover some of the special marketing features of a mall format in a Chinese setting. Clyde has a guided tour through Tiger City using ConsumerCam (video 2).

Tiger City Credit Card
Encouraging Consumption with Credit Cards

Throughout Greater China, people have a lot of places to go now, and this is not so popular.

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On Location

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From Taichung, Stephen, James, and Clyde .
Length: 13 minutes.

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Consumer Cam ConsumerCam:

Vid. 1) Tiger City movie theater area.
Vid. 2) A guided tour of Tiger City with Clyde.

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Bottom Line:

  • Customers mainly made of teenagers and early twenty some things (tweens).
  • Part time jobs gives young people money, and credit is easy to get.
  • While it looks Western, do not assume this format is so popular.
  • The design emphasizes the generation of renao feelings.
  • Inside, space is purposely limited to increase the crowding effect.
  • With a couple theme stores and a few high-end stores, the mall is mostly emphasizing discounting.
  • Inside out retailing, where sale items are pushed out into the walkways, is everywhere.
  • In the end, the inside is not at all like a Western mall, but more influenced by local retailing.
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