RSS FEED Subscribe in iTunes Title: Lukang: Commerce and Community in a Chinese City

Author: Donald R. DeGlopper

Hosts: Clyde Warden


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Published in 1995, this book covers field work from the late 1960s. What is most interesting is just how little things have changed. DeGlopper aims his research directly at the links between community and commerce. 

Too many marketers base their marketing strategy on what they themselves think consumer will like. There is nothing more dangerous when crossing over to a distant culture.  To overcome this, we must not be afraid of history. While it is on the surface true that everything is always changing, I am always amazed by how little things have really changed. The advertising from America's 1950s (now easy to find on  YouTube ) is so similar to  today's. The only change is the packaging.  Reading DeGlopper's book brings home this point for Taiwan. So little has changed since the late 1960s when it comes to commerce and the relationships it is built on. In the show I read a passage from the book about temples in Taiwan and their connection to markets.  I just returned from such a market, where I picked up fresh food for dinner. Yeah, I also went over to Costco  and Carrefour last week. The danger for the marketer visiting the China Region is that he/she will only see Costco and Carrefour and miss  the core shopping experiences. Successful retailers learn from these traditional channels and build at least a simulation of those experiences. The reason is, as DeGlopper points out, these traditions are based on social relations that go beyond simple exchange.

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