RSS FEED Subscribe in iTunes Title: The Rise of the Chinese Consumer: Theory and Evidence

Author: Jonathan Garner

Hosts: Clyde Warden

The Rise of the Chinese Consumer

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Any China researcher knows how difficult it is to come by solid economic numbers on the PRC economy, especially in relation to consumer spending. Jonathan Garner’s book does a good job of getting some of the Credit Suisse research out into the public. Data like this one normally has to pay for, and then it is questionable just how good it is. If you are doing any research on PRC consumers, this book is useful for setting the context of that work within the macro economic frame.

The book is divided into two main parts: theory and evidence. While the theory is not really theory, it is more like prediction, the use of supporting evidence from numerous economic sectors is well done. Individual sectors are covered, like food service, Autos, Telecom, etc. Not a read for relaxing, but great for macro economic numbers and trends.

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