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Metaphorical Journeys Through 23 Nations


Author: Martin J. Gannon

Host: Clyde Warden

Global Cultures

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Here is a good introduction to two topics I spend lots of time on: culture and metaphors. Gannon has written a solid introduction to both topics.

At nearly 500 pages, this is not a lightweight book, as many cross culture books tend to be. A bit unconventional in its naming, Gannon does include academic references, although the book is not centered on solid research. The metaphors seem to come out of experiences and discussions with Gannon's students rather than research data. When his observations align with existing research, Gannon cites them. It all adds up to a nice introduction to both culture and metaphors, and most importantly, where these two converge. For the researcher, if you are not allergic to macro observations, this is a good start. If you are looking to get some hints on living in a new culture, this book may have the chapter you need to at least get a useful metaphor. At about 20 pages for a single culture, you might wonder what possible use it could be. The answer is the power of the metaphor. These metaphors are plastic, abstract, and useful across many situations.

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