RSS FEED Subscribe in iTunes Title: All the Tea in China: How to Buy, Sell, and Make Money on the Mainland

Author: Jeremy Haft

Hosts: Clyde Warden


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There is a flood of really bad books on China and business. Most of them written by American journalist with only the slightest passing understanding of China. This book is very different.

One of the most interesting things about Haft is that he is not such a great writer. In fact, All the Tea in China is generally not laid out well, includes a very weak attempt at a narrative, and lacks any core point or even logic. While that all sounds negative, it actually is a positive because you know Haft is writing honestly, about something he knows--doing business in China. Haft is no academic, and he doesn't have deep theories about consumers or organizations, but he offers personal experiences that ring true. He is not afraid to show the risks of dealing with partners in China, the problems of trust, quality control, HRM issues, but he also is very clear about the benefits and opportunities for businesses moving into this market (not just using it for outsourcing).

The world is still round, not flat...don’t be fooled.

The Show:

Length: 12 minutes 47 seconds. Download MP3 5.86MB (Right click->Save As).

Bottom Line:

  • The downside of the book is that it was written by an unskilled writer.
  • The book provides some hands-on experience in doing business in China.
  • It Emphasize on the importance of getting involved in the fieldwork with employees and suppliers.
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