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Main Topic: Baby Spa--Spending on Babies in Singapore

Hosts: Jane Lu, Clyde Warden

We are back in Singapore for a series of episodes focusing on consumer behavior. In this episode, Jane and Clyde look at a baby spa service in Singapore. Spending on babies is a classic consumer behavior situatoin where the spender, decision maker, and consumer may all differ. While it is true that all cultures enjoy spending on their babies, Chinese consumers in China only have one chance at the childhood experience, so spending in this market is huge. Baby SpaChinese parents are always looking for an advantage their kids can gain at school. Any mental development advantage is seriously considered. From eye massaging devices, to prevent nearsightedness, to audio tapes, played at night to increase intelligence, Chinese parents lose their natural skepticism towards spending.

Although this practice was developed in China, the Singapore mall setting is perfect. A high volume of shoppers, along with a servicescape that is wide open for viewing makes it easy to get attention and enough trial purchases to produce revenue. Our crew has some great footage of how this service is packaged and laid out in Singapore.

Parents of newborns want to do everything for their babies and they definitely will pay for it.

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Location Shoot

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From Singapore.
Length: 20 minutes.
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