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Main Topic: TCM and the Youth Market

Hosts: James Stanworth , Clyde Warden

Guests: Evy Liu I chun (Evy),Yi-Ting Li (Jennifer), Ju Hsuan Yeh (Ruby), Lin Tien Chun (Jimmy)

TCM Model
Meridian Lines
Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM) is found throughout Taiwan and a great deal of the Far East. When a cold, flu, or painful injury strikes, the local instinct is to look for the TCM specialist. After their treatment you see people walking around with visible red marks on the neck, chest, and back. Often these treatments involve multiple sessions and the taking of medicinesseveral times a day. In this show we hear local - and young - peoples reasons, experiences and results of going to their TCM clinics.

This topic is part of a three part series. The next episode centers on the business of TCM with a special emphasis on the service interface. The Chinese Consumer Connection researchers cover the details of how TCM continues to succeed.

Traditional is the first word in TCM, but don't let that fool you into thinking it is in any way fading away. These four young consumers talk about their experiences with TCM in a way that show the underlying assumptions that TCM not only works, but is better for certain ailments. Rather than lecture about it, in this show we go right to consumers. Most are satisfied, one is scared of doctors, no matter Chinese or Western in treatment orientation. Consistent across these four consumers is a feeling of ease at using TCM, and even elements of TCM like acupuncture, which not all Chinese feel comfortable with. With Western medicine clinics on nearly every corner, these four consumers were not short on choices, but actually show a preference for TCM. Western marketers could learn a lot from this case, since it shows how local behaviors are based on fundamental values that are derived from the local culture. Western medicine is not all modernity and progress while local is backward. Both are seen as modern, both have advanced, both present a choice, much like Western retailing in general. But any assumption about the Western model as beingautomatically assumed to be better is simply wrong.

Western medicine is fast but hurts your health.

The Show:

Length: 40 minutes. Download MP3 18.96MB (Right click->Save As).


Bottom Line:

  • TCM clinics are modern (easy check in, good service, computer systems).
  • Consumers often seek TCM to treat injuries related to bones and muscles.
  • Young consumers feel very comfortable with TCM.
  • The general assumption is that TCM is better for chronic health issues.
  • Repeat visits are the norm.
  • TCM is generally cheap and accessible.
  • For those that stay the course, the reactions are very positive.
  • Like all medicine it does not taste good!

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