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Main Topic: Retail Spaces on the Freeway

Hosts: Clyde Warden

Rest Area SignHighway rest areas in Taiwan are privately managed. The results are very interesting, and profitable. With 14 highway rest areas in Taiwan, the areas have become not only places to stop on the way to a destination, but destinations in their own right.

Taiwan highways saw 60 million cars in 2009, with over 3 billion NT (100,000,000 USD) revenues for service areas. Some rest areas actually place limits on the length of time cars can park and limit activities to avoid them being overwhelmed with people who do not leave. In this episode, Clyde visits a couple of the rest areas, which are both strongly themed and do a great job of integrating the retail servicescape with the theme.

The retail space in these rest areas always include fast food, but they also have pretty good Chinese food, like noodles. In a way, the food selection is like street stalls, which are normally pretty good. A corner supermarket is also normally present, which supplies a lot more than just instant foods. What is most impressive is the very tight integration of the retail with the motif employed. These places are actually FUN to visit. What stands out even more is the integration of the rest areas with the beautiful Taiwan landscape. Check out the video with Clyde on the mountain looking down on Nantou, or the night view of Chingsuei.

The top ten most popular rest areas in Taiwan:

1Ku Keng (古坑)
2Nao Tou (南投Š•)
3Ching Shui (清水)
4Nao Tou (南投Š•)
5Jung Li (中壢)
6Ching Shui (清水)
7Kuan Miao (關廟Ÿ)
8Ku Keng (古坑‘)
His Hu (西湖–)
10His Luo (西螺)

Download: Links and photos from blogs and fan sites of rest areas. Click to download (1.7 MB).

These locations are all about being on trips with groups of people.

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From Taichung, Stephen, James, and Clyde .
Length: 15 minutes.

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