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Main Topic: Secondhand Market in Singapore

Hosts: Jane Lu, Clyde Warden

Sungei Rd SignIn Singapore for another episodes. In this show, we visit Sungei Road in Singapore, where secondhand products are bargained over. Jane and Clyde look at bargaining behavior in Singapore, which is very similar to night market bargaining in Taiwan. Some good looks here at the retailers and consumers' search behaviors.

Getting a good price at a flea market in the USA, for example, is a long tradition. This video is interesting because it shows a part of Singapore, the bargain seeking, that is often totally overlooked by visitors who only see the ultra-modern malls and high end boutiques. This is part of the common retail layout of what Clyde classifies as Inside Out retailing, where the preference for many Chinese consumers is to have the store pushed outside, inviting participation, rather than the common Western emphasis on deep stores where people must enter and explore. This is a big cultural difference that Western retailers simply miss, and/or are just critical of. The assumption that the Western norm is modern and all others are backward is holding back so many Western retailers in Greater China.

That's the key point; You can touch it; You can feel it, then you are willing to spend money on it.

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From Singapore.
Length: 20 minutes.

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