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Main Topic: Night Market Fun Throughout the Day

Hosts: Clyde Warden

Bishan Bazzar Chinese New Years is much like Christmas in so far as retailers get a big boost from consumer spending. The big difference of course is that consumers are buying for themselves or for the immediate family. The products bought are not gifts for relatives, but all the things needed during the holiday (the big one being food). Gifts are mostly be adult oriented used for visits during the holidays and business relationships. This is for many Chinese the one time in the year they actually take off from work and relax. Going out to street markets is a way to enjoy the exciting New Year's atmosphere while also getting shopping done. In Singapore, this is no less true. In this episode, Clyde and Antony visit the largest CNY bazaar in Singapore and find a very renao place.

Hypermarkets stock up a month before CNY, but street level stalls are a very big part of the retail landscape. Taken one row at a time, this event in Singapore looks exactly like a night market in Taiwan or China. What is different is the scale and organization of the event. Containing everything a normal night market has, this bazaar also includes automobiles for sale, flat screen televisions, and a children's amusement park. In the video, pay attention at the start for the big brand name Toshiba selling a rice cooker. This is a fundamental difference in branding between East and West. In Asia, the big company name can include almost anything. The name infers an air of quality--approved to join the corporate family. There is a feeling that a familiar big company stands behind the product. The Western obsession with creating a specific brand for every specific product, even splitting that among market segments, depends on the strong belief in individualism. People express themselves, and therefor want a brand that helps that expression, or represents that expression (aspiration groups) .

The excitement of a Taiwan night market but with more mixture of high-end products.

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From Singapore, Antony and Clyde.
Length: 17 minutes.

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