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Main Topic: University Evaluations in Taiwan

Hosts: Clyde Warden

Guest: Robert Reynolds, Ph.D.

University evaluations (評鑑) are conducted by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan. The MOE is a strong centralized government organization that is common throughout Asia. Taiwan is a good example of how market liberalization collides with tendencies for centralized control. Robert joins Talk of Asian Marketing to discuss the history and current status of the evaluation system, along with examples in the wider economy that have had similar developments.

This topic is part of a three-part series centering on university issues that reflect unique issues in Asia.

Clyde presenting
Clyde presenting to committee
Robert is currently director of a university department facing a department evaluation. In the past, MOE evaluations were about making certain basic standards were met, but now the target is to find who can be closed down, as supply has surpassed demand in the education market. Originally done by the MOE, who would hire professors to go on these reviews, the work is now outsourced to the Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association, and they hire the professors and make all the other arrangements. For an academic department, an evaluation includes 1) preparing and sending in information, 2) self evaluation, 3) MOE evaluation.

Clyde has been involved in numerous MOE evaluations, both as staff being reviewed (in the above photo he is trying to convince the evaluation committee that his department actually has a meaningful curriculum) and acting as a reviewer. Check the ConsumerCam section for some video from one of the practice evaluations when he was a committee member trying to find problems with a curriculum.

Evaluations often put staff under pressure. The person acting as director who's department receives a low grade will be in big trouble within the organization.

The students expect they are going to be making money.

The Show:

Length: 1 hour 2 minutes. Download MP3 29.39MB (Right click->Save As).

Consumer CamConsumerCam:

Vid. 1) Clyde was a reviewer recently for a practice review where the department’s information is presented in numerous volumes and in great detail.
Vid. 2) As the reviewers look on, presentations are given that range from student demographics, staff qualifications, facilities, and finance, to outside contacts and community service.
Vid. 3) The review group check out the facilities for student use.
Vid. 4) Here a classroom is examined.
Vid. 5) At the end, the reviewers give their critical evaluation, point out details of problems, and then are given parting gifts and snacks (along with a day’s pay).

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Bottom Line:

  • MOE evaluations have gone through three stages.
  • The current stage is aimed to eliminate oversupply.
  • The MOE has traditionally been involved in every detail of school management.
  • Japanese influence is large.
  • Liberalization led to a huge expansion of school numbers.
  • The MOE has moved back to tightening control.
  • The banking sector in Taiwan has undergone a similar evolution.
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